Trueman Reed Organ

General Information

The organ is a small table top busker organ. It is hand turned and is ideal for both small outdoor events or indoor events and is a good instrument for children to have a go at playing. Although small in size it still gives a good volume of music.

The organ is an ideal accompaniment to ‘Swinging Sisters’ as it gives the public a chance to understand how the organs work. It is usually found standing under the canopy where children are encouraged to have a go at turning it.


20 Castenella Reeds mounted in a front wind chest.
The organ is approx 18" wide x 14" deep x 16" tall.
The organ is hand-cranked and operates on punched card music.


The organ was built by Mr. Peter Trueman of Derby in 2006.

It was built for Peter's own use but sold to me as I was looking for an organ that used the same book music as the 21 keyless pipe organ I already had. It is now going to be mounted on the same trolley but needs an adaptor tray making to raise the organ and allow somewhere for the music to sit whilst being played. This will be made in the next few weeks. This trolley makes it portable and also acts as a store for the music books.

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