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Swinging Sisters Fair Organ

General Information

The organ is a small 30 note organ based on a Pell modular system. It is midi operated which makes it suitable for events where continuous music is required, although it can be set to manual play when it plays one tune, then waits for the next one to be selected. The music is arranged into various programs usually lasting approximately one hour each although these can be adjusted to suit your event if breaks are required. This organ comes with over 300 tunes in it's library and can play for two full days without repeating so is particularly suited to 2 and 3 day events. If you require a specific selection of music then this can be arranged before the event. The organ is suitable for small to medium sized events, although it is also suitable for large events where music is required in one area. (Please remember that there is no volume control on mechanical organs).

The organ is housed in a 10'-0" long x 6'-0" wide road trailer and weighs a tonne so needs to be pulled by my motorhome.
This means access of 8'-0" wide with a clear headroom of 12'-6" is required. The total weight of the unit is 3½ tonne.

The organ front is fenced off during play for safety. The organ usually stands to one end of the motorhome canopy with the covered seating area (if required) to the other. This comes with up to 12 seats which are clipped together in rows for safety. For evening events the seating area is lit by rope lights around the top. The total space required for this arrangement is 30'-0" x 30'-0" although the organ can stand on it's own if space is limited. The power supply is either mains electric (1Kw) or my own generator.


The organ is based around a 30 note harmidi Pell modular system of pipe work.
This consists of a total of 79 pipes being :-
24 stopped bourdon melody pipes in two rows of 12.
24 violin melody pipes in two rows of 12 but set six either side of the main flutes.
All the melody pipes are tuned Celeste to give the organ a mellow Dutch sound.
Set behind the main rank of pipes are eight accompaniment pipes, five bass pipes and five 4' bass helpers.
To the top right are set eight cello pipes.
Behind the bass drum and cello pipes are set the five 16' bass helpers. These are the only pipes not visible.
To give more variety the organ also has a Glockenspiel, side drum, bass drum and cymbal.


The organ started life at the FOPS Organ Weekend in 2003 when Alan Pell had the basic set of pipes playing on his stall. These were collected by me after the event and were put into a small cabinet in order to play at a charity Christmas Fayre in November 2004. Following this event the pipe work was removed from the cabinet and work started on the organ you see today.

A trailer was purchased from Humbaur in Germany that had been built to my own design but based on their standard size trailer. This was fitted with the front lighting frame which holds the 24v flashing lights. Behind that the organ was built as can be seen on the construction page.

The full organ made it's debut at Wollerton Park in Nottingham in May 2004 and went on to do 16 events that year. At the end of the year additional bass helpers were fitted, together with a double rank of violin pipes. This completed the building of the organ.

Listen to the organ play by clicking on the link above.

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