Cinderella Fair Organ

General Information

The organ is a small 30 keyless organ. It is operated by punched card books which makes it suitable for events where continuous music is not required. It also allows people to see the music going through the key frame. The organ is operated by an electric blower which supplies air to the pipes and operating system. There is a small motor which operates the speed of the key frame. (Please remember that there is no volume control on mechanical organs).

The organ is housed in a 10'-0" long x 6'-0" wide road trailer and weighs a tonne so needs to be pulled by my motorhome.
This means access of 8'-0" wide with a clear headroom of 12'-6" is required. The total weight of the unit is 3½ tonne.

The organ front is fenced off during play for safety. The organ usually stands at the rear of the motorhome. Chairs are usually provided for people to sit on. The power supply is either mains electric (1Kw) or my own generator.


The organ serial number is 155T
The organ is based on the standard 30 note scale.
This consists of a total of 46 pipes including :-
Three bass pipes.
18 stopped bourdons melody pipes which are not currently tuned Celeste, which would give the organ a mellow Dutch sound. They are currently tuned so that both pipes play the same note which has the effect of increasing the volume slightly.
To give more variety the organ also has a side drum, bass drum and cymbal.


The organ was built by Deans Organ Builders of Bristol in 1992/3. It was supplied new to Mr. Woody White of Cheddar, but without a front, in part exchange for two juvenile horses.

Mr. White built the front of the organ and carved the two figures of Prince Charming and Cinderella which are fitted to the front of the organ. He was built the organ into it's current trailer. The organ was sold to the Sheer Brothers from Monticute in Somerset. They sold it on to Mr. Robin Brailey from Dunsfold in Surrey who kept it until 2006. During this time the trailer was light blue with dark blue trims and attended many local events. It was then sold to Mr. Fred Batt from Capel in Surrey who repainted the trailer cream. I purchased the organ in September 2009.

The organ made it's northern debut at Victoria Park in Widnes in September 2009 on it's way home to York.

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