McCarthy 20 Keyless

‘Pumpkin’ Organ

General Information

The organ is a McCarthy 20 keyless organ. It was built by Paul McCarthy and supplied without a front.


9 melody pipes set in a single rank. This gives the organ a nice German sound.
6 accompaniment pipes set behind the front rank.
3 bass pipes set to the side of the the melody pipes.

The organ is hand-cranked and operates on punched card book music.


It was purchased by me in 2009 from a gentleman in South Wales. When it arrived it was complete with a green trolley and matching front. The trolley was built to house the organ inside. However neither the trolley nor the front were well made and the trolley has since been sold. I have retained the original front. The organ was overhauled in 2012 and was repainted in blue. A new front in the shape of a pumpkin was made and painted. The organ made it’s debut at Martin House Children’s Hospice in August 2012. It will go out with Cinderella Fair Organ.

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